Anet A8E 3D Printer Installation

Base & Y-axis Installation

A1. Mount the printer bed support bar by tightening the screws from the bottom of the base, and then mount two Z-axis posts holding plates with securing the screws from the outsides.


Note: the bar has three thread holes, two on one side and one on the other; keep the two thread holes (for motor mounting) side closer to the post holding plates.

A2. Slide the aluminum plate into the bar.

A3. Mount the Y-axis belt bearing module to the closer side (as picture A shows) and secure it with two screws according to below picture.

A4. Mount Y-axis motor and secure it with two screws.

A5. Slide the belt into hollows inside the bar and buckle it up with the grooves at the bottom of the plate.

A6. Mount and screw tight the print bed according to below picture.


Note: springs should be placed between the print bed and the plate.

B – Z-axis & Extruder Installation

B1. Mount the left post and secure it as below picture shows.

B2. Mount the right post and secure it as below picture shows.

B3. Slide in the extruder transmission modules from the top of the posts and adjust their offset posts (by loosening or tightening) to ensure tight but smooth movement.

B4. Mount the top bar of the gantry and secure it from the top.


Note: the top bar has grooves for screw head on the top side. Please find out and mout this side up.

B5. Mount the extruder bar and secure it from the other side of the transmission modules as below picture shows.


Note: the extruder bar also has grooves matching screw heads; mount the right side towards the transmission modules.

B6. Slide in the extruder.

B7. Mount the belt to the bearings on the transmission modules and buckle it up with the grooves on the extruder.


Note: gear side of the belt should be mounted inward to the bearing; adjust belt tightness for smooth and solid movement.

C – Z-axis & Motherboard Installation

C1. Mount the Z-axis motor and secure it with two screws as below picture shows.

C2. Loosen the set screws on the mounting hole; slide the threaded post deep into the hole and fasten the set screws.

C3. Mount the motherboard to the base and secure it according to picture C4.

C4. Insert the Teflon pipe deep into its holder on the Z-axis right module.

C5. Mount Z-axis limit switch and secure it with only one screw.


Note: modified design, one screw is better than two.

C6. Mount filament holder according to picture

Wiring Connection


Connect wirings according to marks on the ends of wirings and below plan of the motherboard.


Note: refer to buckle and slot matching also helps. 

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