Printable Modification of Anet A8 3D Printer in 2021

Anet A8 is a great 3D printer that allows you to delve into the world of 3D printing without breaking the bank. It works great enough for you to get what you designed. Here we will share some modifications and upgrades that help your Anet A8 works smoother. You can print all the modifications by your printer.

Bed Leveling Thumbwheel of A8

This thumbwheel is aimed to help level the bed. The screw and wingnut solution that comes on the machine may disturb some of the users. The bed and the support bracket are both threaded, which make it very difficult to adjust. You can print this upgrade out, drill out the screw tabs on the support bracket, and install the thumbwheel. And then bed leveling will be much easier with no need of screws.

Bed Leveling Thumbwheel of a8 

Extruder Button for Anet A8

The extruder screw may make you feel hurt when pushing it down. Let alone you have to press it hard as the spring is really strong. This button can help you ease this process. It provides you a wider and more comfortable surface to save your thumb.

Extruder Button for Anet A8

Y-axis Belt Tensioner for A8 

Tightening your belts can improve the quality of your prints. A good tensioner should help to tighten the belt. But also not damage, bend or otherwise interfere with the movement of the print bed. And this Y-axis tensioner will provide you a most positive result.

 Y-axis Belt Tensioner

Anet A8 X-axis Belt Tensioner

This tensioner is designed for the X-axis belt. It’s great to not only does it provide a way to tension the belt, but it also has slots to hold the end of the belt.

Anet A8 X-axis Belt Tensioner 

Z-axis Gussets

Adding some gussets can reduce Z-wobble. Actually, it’s not necessary since there aren’t really any forces being applied between the extruder and the workpiece. But these gussets do help improve print quality.

anet a8 Z-axis Gussets

Drag Chain Mounts on Z-axis 

This mount is designed for installing on the Z-axis motor of the Anet A8 printer. It works well with the drag chain to get rid of that mess of wires dropping over the top of the printer. You can print your own drag chain, or you can just buy some online at a very low price. 

Drag Chain Mounts on Z-axis

GoPro Mount on 3D Printer

You can install this really cool GoPro mount and film your prints while they’re in progress, and you will get a better quality lime-lapse. However, this mount is especially for C920 GoPro. You can use these GoPro customizable mounts from to design your very own mounts and print them directly.

GoPro Mount on 3D Printer

Hotbed Mount for A8

For mounting a GoPro or other accessories, here is another mount you can print. This bracket affixes to the top of the H-bracket, below the actual hotbed. Attach it to your GoPro or other accessories using articulating arms.

Hotbed Mount for A8

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