Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer Full Review

except for its extruder head. in about 2-2.5 hours. Imuch easier in my opinion you get less retraction, less stringing, you can do more materials with the direct drive. it makes flexible filaments easier.
build volume. the absolute cheapest large format 3D printer on the market.
sheet which for me was pretty flat. didn't have too many issues trying to level it. the bed knobs are a little small but it is usable. Because it's such a large bed you can easily pull it to the front fix the front or the back. and Teasier. 
It is using a older Anet specific 8-bit controller so you're not going to have anything like sensors homing or silent steppers. this is not the quietest printer out there. it does have a very loud 5015 fan. The 4010 fan on the side for the heatsink is also very loud. The motor used isis a factor for you, don't look at this printer because it's not quite at all. You could modify it easily, but out of the box, definitely, not a quiet printer. it does use a 24volt pcb aluminum bed. it is running dual the steppers. They are not linked in any way.
eanwell. and again it is running their own custom board running marlin. it does have a full graphic display. The LCD control screen is connected by magnets which is a very interesting thing and it comes with a like two meter long cable. i found this was more of annoyance than it was a convenience because i don't need to take this off to look at the print. i would mount it on this side. If I want to be able to take it off and actually have some slack but i ended up just riding the cable around the front putting some zip ties on it and keeping it fixed.
several sheet metal parts. some of it thinner like the power supply mount and enclosure. and the actual control board mount and enclosure is all a pretty much like a 1-2mm sheet aluminum. The top brackets on the z-axis is a 3mm piece of aluminum, so a little more sturdy for that.  The x and z carriage parts are injection molded, as well as the x-axis extruder carriage.
 also 3mm aluminum. of all of this there are only two 3d printed parts, the other 3d printed part are the y-rod holders.
Iproperly, because they are using not blind joints but they're extrusion joints.
absolutely perfect because these are pre-drilled and tapped. there is no guesswork. you can do this one in about two maybe two and a half hours. B
hey are using a very small throat or very small heatsink
strange 4010 fan blowing against the extruder
fan out for a 5015.
cold zone for that to have a good transition going from the cold end to hot end. It 
Loff 100 stock machine. i haven't changed anything in this except for adding a silicone heat sock to the hot end.
Let's take a look at some of these stock prints.

Chinese chess piece on the sd card 

he print quality of this test print wasn't fantastic, but it did work.
Anet A8 Plus review

xyz calibration ripple test cube

Now this was me slicing this myself in simplify 3d. and it looks absolutely fantastic. you can see a little bit of the retraction, and ghosting on it. but that just wasn't quite dialed in yet. But overall, really well. top layers are great. it's very consistent.

Anet A8 Plus test print


 but everything did come out well again just a little bit ghosting here on the bow. But it bridged very smooth walls. and it also did not really have that divot that you get in here from when starts printing the hollow or the the solid deck. there really is no deformation in there which is really good to see. The cooling on this is pretty adequate.

great. it is a large scale printer. Overall if you're looking for something that is a great printer to start with, this would be the one that you want to buy. easy to upgrade this printer. there's mounting points on here that you can easily bolt on other parts. If you want you could buy a spring steel and magnetic sheet a skr or a a big treetech or an mks board, that way you have 32 bit you could do centerless homing with this very easily. I think everyone should get this and start moving forward more custom builds.
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