Day One Set up Bed and Sensor

Day One Set up Bed and Sensor

Home Nozzle Z height - Set the Sensor.

Go to PREPARE > PreHeat >tap the hot bed icon > tap + to increase heat to 60.

Change menu page.

Where ever your X carriage and nozzle is located now.

Leave it where it is. Do not move anything.


Go to SETTING > You are about to tap HOME, the little house icon.

It is possible that left alone, the nozzle will hit the glass.

Directly under the little house icon is a white square.

On the left are 4 boxes, X - Y - Z - E.

Now tap Home, then hold you finger over the white square, when the nozzle is about 20mm or 1 inch, tap the white square to stop the Z motor.

Now Tap Z box. Now Tap the No1 in centre box right side menu.

Now place new, clean, flat A4 paper on the bed under nozzle.

Now Tap the - minus in left pointing arrow to lower the nozzle.

Now its basic set level.when the nozzle hold the paper to the glass.

Tap 0.1 Now Tap the + in right pointing arrow - till the nozzle is just touching the paper.



THE SENSOR You need to focus on this!

Take the small included screw driver, remembering, the sensor is sensitive, so any down pressure you make on the screwdriver..even if you do not see or feel...will affect the sensor.

The little screw in the top of the sensor is stiff to needs to be so that it does not unscrew due to vibration. With one hand place the screwdriver blade into the slot. With the other hand use the thumb and index finger to hold the blade steady in the screw down pressure. Now, if the red light is on, turn the screw slightly anti clockwise till the light goes off.

If the red light is off, turn the screw clockwise till it just comes on.

Just now all seems set ready to move to...


PREPARE and carry out Manual Hotbed Level.

In Prepare Tap right top menu Levelling.

The bed should still be hot @ 60c.

Tap Manual on the right of page. If the nozzle doe’s not move to Home..which is Not the centre but 35 mm to the right of centre, Tap Manual again and will go to Home.

Now Tap the No1 box. The nozzle will move to the left front corner.

From here you are using Assisted Bed Level. When the nozzle stops, check level with the paper under nozzle. Adjust using the under bed wheels. The red sensor light may be off and on in travel. Meaning the glass may not be 100% flat level.

If the paper is just touching the nozzle but can move.Tap No 2 after 3 and 4.

That should finish the level process. Now Tap OK. If you do not...the printer will lose the settings and you need to start again.


Now go to PREPARE. Tap The Number 10, Tap PreHeat, then Tap the white right pointing triangle. This will start both bed and nozzle heating up. To adjust to your slicer heat settings, use the - and + in the red triangles.


I suggest your first print is the XYZ and download from

Now using change page, go to PRINT.

The menu show all gCode on your SD card.

If you sliced and saved tge cube gcode, use the Up Down white pointers to move up or down the menu. Tap OK to start the print.

Now is the moment you know is the setting you carried out in the set up are OK.

If not, and it is likely, because the sensor needs to be set correctly, and its down to Your interpretation of light just on or off!

The above is the basic first day set up. If you have other printers and understand manual bed level, you should be OK fine tuning level. Get any of the above wrong, the nozzle its the bed. NO, the printer is not rubbish, its just set up wrong and needs sorting out, so no point thinking you can start a 39 hour print ....until you can print a cube without real issues.

The sample dog gcode file on the SD card will print 99.8% perfect...if the printer is also! If it prints bad...the printer is not tuned in, until it will not get really goos prints.

You can visualise this “how to....” by checking out this youTube video.

ABW-3D. 01/11/2020.


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments down below, our guys are waiting to help you. Joining our community is also a good idea, you can get information, model files, g-code files, tutorials and find the enthusiasts as you are. It's a place where creative people gathered, just hit the link:

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Anet Official eShop - January 16, 2021

Hi Kasten,

For the issue you mentioned, we would suggest you to check the END cable. To see if it has been well fixed. And to see if you have use the zip tie to harness the wires. More details pls check our following article:

Jon-Michael Kasten - January 16, 2021

Just purchased and assembled an ET5 printer and the nozzle will not heat up above 30C. How can I fix this?

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