How to Solve Black Screen for Anet ET4 Series 3D Printer

How to solve black screen while using Anet ET4 series 3D printer? By following below instruction, we can finally get the printer work step by step.


I – Check the Power Indicator

  1. Power on the printer and observe if the power indicator lights up.
ET4 Pro 3D Printer Power Switch
Power switch indicator lights up, power input works well.
  1. If not, replace the fuse with a new one.  

ET4 Pro 3D Printer Fuse

The fuse is next to the power switch.

If after replacing the fuse or the power indicator lights up normally, the LCD screen doesn’t light up after powering on, then we proceed to below procedures.


II – Check the AC-DC Power Supply Input Voltage Value


Power on the printer and observe if the fan inside the operation base works.

1. If the fan works normally, then we can proceed to section III to further check the problem.

 2. If not, then we should check if the AC-DC power supply has the same input voltage value with local power supply.


Voltage Switch (230V) on AC-DC Power Supply for ET4 Pro 3D Printer

 Voltage switch on AC-DC power supply for ET4 Pro 3D printer 

 Voltage switch (115V) on AC-DC power supply for ET4 Pro 3D printer


Generally, 3D printer needs to convert AC input power to lower voltage DC power output with an AC-DC power supply. Open the bottom cover of the ET series 3D printer and we can see an AC-DC power supply inside the operation. It can convert 110-115V or 220-230V AC power input into 12V or 24V DC power output accordingly to operate the printer.


Usually this value is already preset according to local power supply standard for different sales regions. But sometimes we might purchase the printer in a region and use it at another region with different power supply standard.


At these circumstances, we can switch it to the right value according to local power supply.


After resetting the input power voltage, power on the printer again and check if the yellow indicator lights up (see below image); if not, replace the AC-DC power supply.


AC-DC Power Supply Indicator

Yellow indicator on ET4 Pro 3D printer AC-DC power supply


If the printer screen still doesn’t work, then we can proceed to section III.


III – Check Mainboard Indicators


There are two indicators on the mainboard, the D2 and D36 that indicates if the mainboard works normally. If black screen still happens, we can check if they lights up or blinks after powering on the printer.


D2 & D36 Indicators on ET4 Pro 3D Printer Mainboard

D2 and D36 indicators on ET series mainboard


 D2 & D36 Indicators on ET4 Pro 3D Printer Mainboard

The two indicators lights up or blinks if the mainboard is in good condition.


  1. If these two indicators don’t light up or blink, then reconnect mainboard wiring; if after doing so but the two indicators still don’t work, then replace the mainboard.


Please visit below link to acquire original Anet motherboard for ET series 3D printer:


  1. If these two indicators lights up or blinks normally, reconnect P1 and P2 cable for the LCD screen; if after reconnecting the two cables, the screen keeps black out, then we should replace both the two cables and the LCD screen.

 P1 P2 Cable for Anet ET Series 3D Printer LCD Screen

That’s all the procedures for solving black screen issue on Anet ET series 3D printer; if the same problem happens on your printer, follow them and get your printer work right now.

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