Troubleshooting Guide for Failed Firmware Upgrade on ET Series 3D Printer

Recently, we’ve published two new versions of firmware for Anet ET series 3D printers but received a few failed reports on firmware upgrade from some of our beloved users. Go through below introductions and troubleshooting guide and firmware upgrade will become much easier for you.

New firmware introduction

Let’s begin with brief introduction about the two the new firmware.

  1. BMG Extruder Installation Firmware

As it names, the new BMG extruder installation firmware is developed for BMG extruder installation on Anet ET Series 3D printers.

For more information, please click on below link:

Thus, before upgrading your ET4 or ET5 3D printer, you should install a BMG extruder to replace the stock type.

BMG extruder link:

If you’re still using the stock type extruder with the new firmware version, improper extrusion happens.

  1. Auto bed leveling cancelling firmware

The auto bed cancelling firmware, simply named as ET4X-R firmware is used for cancelling auto bed leveling feature on ET4 and ET4 Pro.

Click on below link to read more:

Note: firmware for auto bed leveling cancellation on ET5 series 3D printers is coming soon.

Troubleshooting guide for failed firmware upgrade

Now let’s get into some common mistakes happened while upgrading your ET4 or ET5 3D printer with the new firmware.

  1. Incorrect file name

After downloading the new firmware files, the first thing we do is to check the file names if they match with the printer.

For an ET4 or ET4+ 3D printer, the firmware files must be named as “et4n.bin” and “et4n.txt”; if not, please revise them immediately before upgrading the firmware.

  1. Incorrect firmware version 

Incorrect firmware version results in upgrade failure too.

Some users may modify the ET4 3D printer with a TMC2208 motherboard for quiet printing feature. At these circumstances, the upgrade firmware version for ET4 3D printer no longer works, and you should upgrade it as an ET4 Pro, which means the   right firmware version for a modified ET4 with TMC2208 motherboard is the one for the ET4 Pro.

  1. Don’t jump to firmware upgrade 

Don’t jump to firmware upgrade? You may get confused about the saying.

The meaning is if you want to upgrade your ET4 or ET5 3D printer with the BMG extruder installation firmware, the current firmware version on the printer must be the latest; if not, you’re jumping to the upgrade. And in this circumstance, you should use either a J-LINK or a ST-LINK to flash the printer to the latest firmware version, and then upgrade it with the BMG extruder installation firmware version.

Click on below link to read about firmware information on Anet ET4, ET4 Pro, ET5X 3D printer for BMG extruder firmware flasing:

After the upgrade, please go to “Info” section of the LCD panel to check the model name and firmware version; it should be “ET4X-R” for XR firmware, or named as “BMG” for BMG firmware.

If you encountered failure in firmware upgrade on your ET4 or ET5 3D printer, please photo on current firmware version and the firmware files you are using, and send these information to us for further technical support.

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