3D Printing Architecture of STL File and Slicer

1. STL File

The 3d printing architecture starts with three-dimensional models in STL format produced by software like Free CAD, Tinker CAD or Blender.

There are other formats, but STL files are the most common ones.

STL files are three-dimensional objects made up of triangles that are in a mesh. Before printing, we need to convert them into layer by layer format files, the G-code files.

2. Slicing Software

The G-code files that sent to the mainboard of your 3d printer for printing are done by slicer software such as Cura, Prusa slicer, Simplify 3D or many others.

G-code file will be sent to the printer control board either by putting it on an SD card, USB card or something else into the printer.

The firmware program of your 3d printer in the mainboard interprets G-code and sends electrical signals to stepper motors, bed heater, hot end heater and fans.

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