How to Replace Nozzle on a 3D Printer

3D print nozzles are the last components that FDM 3D printers extrude filament. They are likely to be jammed or damaged by inaccurate leveling, improper print settings or low quality filament in daily 3D printing. The brass nozzles on Anet ET4 or ET5 3D printers are softer types than harden steel nozzles. They’re more likely to be damaged by abrasive material like ABS, or even standard PLA filament. Replacing a new nozzle can be a quick solution for these problems, and sometimes enhance print quality when printing specific objects. Now, let’s proceed to learn how to replace a nozzle on ET4 or ET5 3D printer.

Tool List for Replacing Clogged Nozzles

New nozzle*1

Protective glove*1

8/10mm wrench*1


The new nozzle can be the standard 0.4mm or else size if you have specific requirement for printing some special objects. Larger nozzle extrudes fast but might lower the precision of your print.

Wearing a protective glove when removing or installing a nozzle can avoid burning your hand.

The 8/10mm wrench comes with the ET4 or ET5 3D printer is a perfect tool for rotating to loosen or tighten the nozzle. If you can’t find it, use an 8mm wrench instead.

Procedures for replacing a Nozzle on 3D printers

Step 1, power on the printer.

Step 2, click on “Prepare” and then “Preheat”.

Step 3, click on the nozzle icon and then click “+” to set nozzle preheat temperature to 220℃.

Step 4, wait until nozzle temperature reaches 220℃.

Step 5, wear a protective glove and clockwise turn the nozzle loose to remove it from the hot end with the 8mm wrench.

Step 6, counter-clockwise screw the new nozzle into the hot end.

Note: don’t touch the hot end to prevent burning your hands.

Step 7, use the 8mm wrench to completely tighten the new nozzle.

Step 8, click on “CH Fila” and then “Load” to extrude some filament out to test the new nozzle.

Now we have completed replacing a new nozzle onto the Anet ET4 or ET5 3D printer. Always remember not touch the hot nozzle or parts on the printer while doing so.


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