Anet N4 Firmware V1.65 & AIPrint V1.09 Slicing Software Updates

Please be noted that the firmware and the slicing software need to be updated all together!

Alprint for Windows
Alrpint for Mac

Step Guide of Anet N4 firmware update:

A. Download and copy the firmware update files N4_V1.09.bin on your flash drive.
B. Click “Printing” and select N4_V1.09.bin on the files list.
C. Click print and it would pop up a message “Whether to update firmware?”. Click “Enter”.
D. Wait for update until the firmware information show version V1.65. 

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jean louis - June 15, 2020

Dera sirs, the AlPrint SW doesn’t work on my MacBook with Catalina, please provide us news about it

Gunnar - April 30, 2020

Dear people at Anet
I was purchasing an Anet N4 in a bundle with the KIRI 3D scanner-kickstarter campaign in late 2019 and it arrived in February this year. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to work with it because it only came with Windows programs and the software “Alrpint for Mac” doesn’t seem to work on my Mac OS, which currently is operating with OS 10.14.5.
Is there any chance you add some installation manual or set-up pdf for troubleshooting? Maybe it’s my mistake and I misunderstand but I believe the program doesn’t actually work.
With kind regards and thank you for any help solving this problem.

bernard - April 30, 2020

since i have made the update, the n4 doesn’t work properly, the Z offset is impossible to made!!!!!

Angelo - April 3, 2020

I can’t get the Mac version to run. Which are the minimum system requirements?

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