Mount Camera with Printable Camera Holder for Anet ET4 3D Printer

Mount Camera with Printable Camera Holder for Anet ET4 3D Printer

With a camera mounted on your Anet ET4 3D printer, you can either record the printing of your beloved models or keep an eye on it and abort printing immediately when abnormal printing happens. Mr. Ericssonn, as a heavy user, designed a printable camera holder for his Anet ET4 3D printer.

Camera holder for Anet ET4 3D printer

Designer: Ericssonn

Download link:


This camera holder is marvelous designed and can be mounted to either the back or the side of the ET4 3D printer. It’s very convenient to mount it on the 3D printer.

According to Mr. Ericssonn, 3D printing could last for hours and days. So monitoring the printing process is quite important and installing a camera becomes a must if you want to do that. And the first thing to do is to make a camera holder for it.

Purchasing one from the internet? “Ha, that’s really ridiculous! I have a 3D printer. Why not print one?”, and Mr. Ericssonn googled for “printable camera holder”. But found nothing really attracting, he decided to design one by himself.

The first concept of his design, it’s convenient for installation which is already above mentioned. And the second, it’s to leave a space from the build plate of the 3D printer. And the third, it’s must be printable without complex printing requirement. Most importantly, it must be strong enough to hold the camera steadily. Thus finally we see his design of the camera holder extrudes outward like a curved arm holding the camera.


When mounted to either the back or the side of the Anet ET4 3D printer, the camera holder provides the camera the best position to video the printing. It provides perfect angle for videoing or monitoring the printing while you’re far way your 3D printer, either in a shopping mall or at your office.


According to Mr. Ericsson, as now smart home devices are available in most houses, when abnormal printing or malfunction observed, users can remote power off the 3D printer to avoid wasted 3D printing or to prevent accident caused by 3D printing.


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Anet Official eShop - March 25, 2021

@Marcelino José Augusto Cabral
It seems thingiverse has already removed the link, check if this design can help you out.

Marcelino José Augusto Cabral - March 25, 2021

O link não está mais disponível. Alguém poderia compartilhar o arquivo novamente?

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