Firmware for BMG Extruder Released for Anet ET4, ET4 Pro, ET5X

Want to install the Mini Geared (BMG) extruder onto your Anet ET4 3D printer or Anet ET5X 3D printer, but have doubts if the firmware on your ET4 or your ET5X series printers supports BMG extruder?

firmware for BMG dual gear extruder

Now new firmware version that supports BMG extruder released! Being updated to this newly developed firmware, your Anet ET4 series and ET5 series 3D printers are able to operate BMG extruder.

Anet ET4 / ET5 Series 3D Printer BMG Firmware

Model Firmware To Flash Flash From Final Version
ET4(ET4+) BMG ET4 v3.0.0 ET4+ V1.0.0 ET4/ET4+ v3.0.0(BMG)
ET4X BMG ET4X V1.0.1 ET4X v1.0.2(BMG)
ET4 Pro BMG ET4 Pro V1.0.2 ET4 Pro v1.0.2(BMG)
ET5 BMG ET5 v1.1.7 ET5 v1.1.7(BMG)
ET5X BMG ET5X v1.0.0 ET5 X v1.1.7(BMG)
ET5 Pro BMG ET5 Pro v1.0.0 ET5 Pro v1.0.0(BMG)

Clik to download.

1、If your printer fits the firmware version(Flash From), you can flash the BMG version with SD card directly.
2、If you have changed the mainboard, please flash the firmware related to the model it shows in the printer Info.
3、If your printer is running an old version, please update to the version required(Flash From)
4、If you get a model name with "BMG", you are successful on the upgrade.


Appliable printer models:

Anet ET4 3D Printer, Anet ET4+ 3D Printer, Anet ET4X 3D Printer, Anet ET4 Pro 3D Printer

Anet ET5 3D Printer, Anet ET5X 3D Printer, Anet ET5 Pro 3D Printer



For firmware download and update tutorial, pls refer to the tutorial of how to update Anet ET4 Pro firmware to V3.0.0 version.

For BMG extruder installation, please refer the BMG extruder installation tutorial our user.

And for the BMG upgrade on Anet ET4 and ET5 series 3d printers, you would also need a little upgarde on the pad underneath the filament sensor. The print file is  available on the our googledrive address. We would print it and ship along with the two screws needed for you if you order BMG kit on our official eShop here

print pad for filament sensor for BMG upgrade

Any inquiries, feel free to comment below to let us know.

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Anet Official eShop - June 26, 2021


Hi Rudy,
Thank you for your support to us. We have updated BMG firmware for ET5X series printers as well. You could get the firmware download link in this blog.

Anet Official eShop - June 26, 2021

@Alan Fernando

Hi Alan, What do you mean “normal version”? You could reach to our support team through email or with more information of your issue.

Anet Official eShop - June 26, 2021

Hi Jc, there is no need to set steps. The firmware we released here has hardcoded right steps for BMG upgrades.

Anet Official eShop - June 26, 2021

@miguel zapata
Hi Miguel, yes we also released firmware suitable for BMG upgrades on ET4 with capacitive leveling sensor, that is ET4 with et4+ firmware. You could find the firmware files in the blog.

Jc - June 26, 2021

Should we set steps of all motos or that will be hardcoded in the firmware ?

Alan Fernando - June 26, 2021

I accidentaly load the version for my ET4 pro the normal version, and i can not get back, What i can do?

rudy - June 26, 2021

I have a ET5X. I buyed a BMG Extruder. How can I upgrade Firmware to install BMG?
“Also, firmware version supports BMG extruder for ET5 series 3D printers is about to release! " —> then, Can I install firmaware ET4 ver.? or Do I have to wait until the et5 version is released?

miguel zapata - June 26, 2021

This firmware is available for et4+?

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