How to Install J-Link-OB Driver

This document introduces how to install needed driver for the J-Link-OB to your PC.



PC: Windows 7 (64 bit)

Software: Setup_JLinkARM_V468.exe

Hardware Debug Downloader: J-Link-OB


Installation Procedures:

  1. Double click on ”exe ”
  1. Click on yes to agree conditions

  1. Click on “Next” to go on.

  1. Select destination folder for installation.

  1. Check the option “Install USB Driver for J-Link-OB with CDC”. And if wanted, you can also check the option “Add shortcuts to desktop”. Then click on “Next>” to go on.

  1. Click on “Next>” to proceed to installation.

  1. Installation automatically goes on and detailed information will display step by step.

Follow prompt messages to ensure all renewals of required programing software (such as ARM, MDK, IAR...) are checked and click on “OK” to proceed.

  1. Click on “Finish” to complete installation and exit.

  1. Two icons stand for J-Link and J-Flash will appear on the desktop of your computer (if you select desktop shortcut at step 5 for installation).

It means that J-Link ARM and J-Flash Arm are successfully installed.


10. Connect J-Link-OB to the computer with a USB cable, it will remind to install a driver. And the driver can be seen in device manager section after being successfully installed



If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

For more information please go to Anet Community:

J-Link is available in our store, just go to the homepage and search for it.

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ricardo villagomez - October 12, 2020

i just bought anet at4+ and after 3 normal prints. printer fade out cap sensor just not function. i test another i have from my delta kossel and wirks just fine but not the anet.
then suddenly screen goes dark.
i have seen in ali express the super silent board and a screen. and wonder how to up load firmaware or wonder it the upgrade card has it already upliaded.
Ricardo Villagomez.
rvtamez at gmail dot com

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