I am Groot.

Christian Francisco Rivera shared with us his Groot flower pot in PLA on Reddit.
And also settings for the print. 

Model file designed by FANPLASTICO on Thingiverse

The settings of the Anet-A8 using Cura 3.2.

*Extruder size = 0.4

*layer height = 0.2

*wall thickness =0.8

*top/bottom thickness = 0.8

*infill =15%

*Print temp = 197°C (on gold filament from soultech)

*Hot plate temp = 50°C (using a borosilicate glass)

*Filament diameter = 1.75

*Flow = 90% Enabled retraction (yes)

*Print speed = 45 mm/s

*Travel speed = 120 mm/s

*Enable print cooling (yes)

*Fan speed = 100%

*Minimum layer time = 5 s

*Minimum speed = 10 s

*Generate supports (yes)

*Overhang angle = 50° Pattern ZigZag

*Plate adhesion = Brim Brim width = 8.0 mm

Christian Francisco Rivera has a few upgrades for A8 to support stability and stop the "jerk" when transitioning between X and Y on sharp corners... including belt tensioners and ball bearings for the Z rods. And he also added a solid base to prevent the frame from warping when tensioning the Y belt as well as T joints to the top of the frame.

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