How to DIY Arduino Nano Controlled Mecanum Wheel Robot with 3D Printed Parts at Home

How to DIY Arduino Nano Controlled Mecanum Wheel Robot with 3D Printed Parts at Home

Mecanum wheel is based on a tireless wheel and composed with a series of rubberized external rollers that attached obliquely to its rim. It’s often used to build Mecanum wheel robot for omni-directional purpose. Mr. Tarun Kumar Dahake, a celebrity on YouTube, made a Mecunam wheels robot with Arduino Nano and some 3D printed parts by Anet ET4 3D printer. At below paragraphs, we’ll learn how he did it step by step.

Part List:

Anet ET4 3D printer

Arduino Nano

Motor Driver L298D

Bo Motor

Bluetooth Module

Battery 18650

Section I – Wheel & Motor Assembly


Step 1, design 3D files on Tinker CAD.


Step 2, print out parts with Anet ET4 3D printer.


Step 3, assemble wheel rims together.


Step 4, cut 4cm metal rods for the rollers.


Step 5, Insert rods into rollers and mount them onto the rims.


Step 6, cut out a 20*16cm rectangular plate and remove the covering paper.


Step 7, stick four Bo motors tight onto the adhesive side of the plate.


Step 8, connect wirings among the motors according to below pictures.


Step 9, drill two holes among the motors and put the wirings through the plate.


Step 10, mount previous assembled wheels onto the motors.


Section II – Control Board Assembly & Programming

Step 1, sand PCB board.


Step 2, mount Arduino Nano onto the PCB board.


Step 3, mount motor drive and other electronic devices onto the PCB board.


Step 4, secure all electronics with soldering tin on their pins.


Step 5, plug in the Bluetooth module.


Step 6


Step 7, connect power wirings.


Step 8, mount the control board onto the adhesive plate with suspension rubber.


Step 9, install battery compartment and batteries, and then connect power wirings.


Step 10, program the Bluetooth module and the Arduino nano.


Step 11, connect the robot with mobile phone software and test all direction movement.

Finally, we got a Mecanum wheel robot built with Arduino nano and 3D printed parts by Anet 3D printers. The Mecanum wheel robot is quite powerful. You can control it to move in any direction you want and let it climb at a sloped angle over a wall.

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