TOP 5 Plugins for the Ultimaker Cura of 3D Printing

The Ultimaker Cura is definitely among the most popular slicers for 3D printing. For users’ utmost, we’d like to recommend you the top 5 plugins for easy Cura operation.

1.Settings Guide

Settings Guide is an awesome plugin for those who’re completely new to Cura and don’t know what all the settings mean. With Settings Guide installed, you can get detailed information of all settings you can make on Cura by simply right-click on the printing setting bar. 




With Thingiverse plugin installed, you can directly visit Thingiverse and download abundant files from it. And then enjoy easy 3D printing of what you want.



Auto-orientation is a plugin that automatically orientate your object and calculate the best way to print it with the least material consumption. It’s optional for fast or extended optimal printing orientations. And you can also modify settings for more advanced orientation printing.  The plugin is quite helpful especially when you don’t know the support thing or anything else like that while printing.


Take printing a spiral object for example.  Open the file and Cura auto starts slicing the object into vertical printing. But after orientated, the object will be printed horizontally with less support.

Object after fast orientated


 4.Barbarian Plugin

Barbarian plugin can convert a model in unwanted units like inches into metric with only one click. You may don’t often use it, but it really helps sometimes.


5.Cura Backups 

Cura Backups is an already installed plugin as a new feature of Cura. It helps us save special printer settings inside a cloud. And no matter which printer or what version of Cura we’re using, we can use these settings whenever we want.

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