11 Online Makers to Turn Images into 3D Printable Lithophane Lamps

11 Online Makers to Turn Images into 3D Printable Lithophane Lamps

Now 3D printing is making lithophane lamps more popular for its accessibility and low cost. With a 3D printer, you can easily print them out with STL format files turned from images. And to do that, you can apply below 11 online makers from the lithophanemaker.com.


As a website dedicated on lithophane lamp making, the lithophanemaker.com has provided 11 online makers to turn images into different designs of stl format files to make different lithophane lamps. With these STL files, you can build them out with an Anet 3D printer easily, and decorate your house for marvelous and attractive lighting effect. Simply to put, lithophane lamps max personalized house lighting into art and enthusiasm for life. Let’s see what we can get from the website.


1.Cylinder Lithophane Lamp

File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Lamp%20Lithophane.html


With above linked page, you can upload 4 images simultaneously and turn them into a STL format file of cylinder lithophane lamp. It can be mounted on most bulb sockets with the default size. But we recommend you measure out the size first of the bulb socket and you can adjust setting to fit for your bulb.


2.Heart Lithophane Lighting

File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Lithophanes.html


Use the above link and turn images into heart lithophane lighting. It’s a good gift for lovers, family and also, you can make it for your friends. No one reject a gift like that.


3.Night Light Lithophane

File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Night%20Light%20Lithophane.html

If you have a night light in your house, try above link and make a flower lithophane cover for it.


4.Lithophane Box Lighting

File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Lithophane%20Light%20Box.html


Cubic box lighting with lithophane design is another popular way to put photos onto the lamps inside your house. This link can also upload 4 photos at a time. So you can use four different images on different surfaces.


5.Spherical Lithophane Lamp

File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Lithophane%20Sphere.html


Use above link, you can transfer images into spherical lithophane lamps. With white lighting, it appears like a moon. That’s really attractive! And if possible you can design a rotatable base for it. Putting a rotatable lithophane moon lamp with family photos in your living room surely catches eyes of your visitors. And of course, it will be quite kind of you to make one for them. And we made one for one of our customers from UAE. Below video is the moon lithophane lamp. The photo includes all the kids of the customer. It’s quite unique!


6. Flat Lithophane Cover 



File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Framed%20Lithophane.html


A flat lithophane cover is also a good choice to make lighting more beautiful.


7.Ceiling Lithophane Lamp


File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Ceiling%20Fan%20Lithophane.html


This link can also upload 4 photos and turn them into lithophane cover for ceiling lamps.


8.Curve Lithophane Lamp


File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Curved%20Lithophane.html


This link is suitable for curved lithophane surfacing making with the back hidden into a wall or to your eyesight.


9.Color Lithophane Lighting



File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Color%20Lithophane.html


Use above link, you can turn image into color lithophane lighting cover. How does it work? Strongly suggest you go through it and learn.


10.Circular Lithophane Plate



File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Lithophane%20Tag.html


Use above link and you can turn photos into circular and flat 3D plate. The design has a hole for strings or hookers.


11.Christmas Tree Lithophane


File transfer link: https://lithophanemaker.com/Christmas%20Tree%20Lithophane.html


This link can transfer images into Christmas tree shape lithophane lamp. The bottom is flat and can be placed on tables. And there is a hole on the top so you can hang it somewhere you wanted.


That’s all for today’s sharing of 11 approaches to turn images into lithophane lampes from the “LithophaneMaker.com” website. Thanks to the website that we have easy access for making lithophane STL files. With these online makers, we can decorate our house more beautifully with 3D printed lithophane lamps of your precious photos of your family, your idols, nice flowers, pretty kittens, and etc.


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments down below, our guys are waiting to help you. Joining our community is also a good idea, you can get information, model files, g-code files, tutorials and find the enthusiasts as you are. It's a place where creative people gathered, just hit the link: https://forum.anet3d.com/

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