Black Friday Hot Sales - Anet 3D Printer Sparks Creation with Making

Black Friday Hot Sales - Anet 3D Printer Sparks Creation with Making

Every year, Black Friday comes after the Thanksgiving Day. And every year, we do online purchasing for everything including gifts for our family members. But have you ever considered making a gift or toy for your family with a 3D printer?

Maybe you don’t. But actually more and more people are doing this because 3D printed things are quite meaningful. Making things with a 3D printer surely brings your family together. More importantly, this will spark you and your family member to create more personalized makings.


Bearing the philosophy of affordable 3D printing, Anet aims at bringing the best cost and performance ratio 3D printers to our users. And now we’re offering incredible discounts on various Anet 3D printers for Black Friday hot sales.

ET4 Pro: 199 US$ only

A8 Plus: 169 US$ only


As one of the leading manufacturers of 3D printers located in Shenzhen, China, Anet has a factory covering over 20,000 square meters with more than 200 employees. We have a R&D department of over 20 experts in 3D printing related sectors. And we also perform strict quality control on our 3D printers to make sure our users get the most reliable products.       


Surely you won’t want to miss this annual shopping festival and if you have any questions concerning 3D printing and Anet 3D printers, please feel free to contact us. It’s our great honor to serve you!



If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments down below, our guys are waiting to help you. Joining our community is also a good idea, you can get information, model files, g-code files, tutorials and find the enthusiasts as you are. It's a place where creative people gathered, just hit the link:

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