Nine Universities Signed The Industry-university-research Cooperation Agreements With Anet

Congratulations! The industry-university-research cooperation agreements with nine universities in India have been signed recently!

Matoshri College of Engineering and Research Centre, the first college signing cooperation agreements with Anet, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Januarary 16th, 2020, in which the CEO of Anet Heping Liu, Zoe from Anet, the schoolmaster Gajanan K.Kharate and the head of Mechanical Engineering Department have engaged. We received cordial treatment.

At the ceremony, Mr.Gajanan briefly introduced the history and achievements of the school of Matoshri College and emphasized the consistency between the directions of main disciplines construction of college and of targeted industry development of Anet, stating that the two sides have good foundation of exchanges and cooperation. Mr.Liu also agreed and stated that the sign of production-study-research cooperation agreement is a good start to carry out the comprehensive and deep cooperation afterwards.

The two sides firmly believe that the mode of industry-university-research cooperation will help each other give full play to their respective advantages and achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

On the one hand, Anet creates good learning conditions and provides off-campus training bases for students and helps students of the school of engineering understand various technologies in the field of 3D printing.

On the other hand, the college can provide talents and technical support for the research and development and innovation of high-tech projects of Anet.

After the ceremony, the two sides also discussed how to deepen the cooperation and made clear the next cooperation plan between Anet and the college.

After the sign of the industry-university-research cooperation agreement with the engineering and research center of mato shree college, Anet has successively signed industry-university-research cooperation agreements with eight other engineering schools in India. Hope all of us can reap great benefits from this cooperation

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