Soft Magnetic Plate Platform for 3D Printer Model Building Table

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Soft Magnetic Plate
A side + B side (two pieces in total), the four corners are rounded
3D printer magnetic stickers This one is a bit different from ordinary stickers, see the video for details
The product is divided into two parts: the form of A+B
Part A: The top is a frosted surface (the same as other stickers), and the back is magnetic (acts as an attraction to the front of part B)
Part B: The upper part is magnetic (adsorbed to the lower part of part A), and the back is 3M adhesive (attached to the printer platform for fixing)

Package includes:

1 pcs x Soft Magnetic Plate

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High temperature resistance: long-term resistance to 70°C high temperature without demagnetization, the hot-melt material and the printing layer are well combined to reduce the deformation caused by shrinkage and avoid edge warping;

Easy and fast installation: tear off the adhesive, scrape it flat without air bubbles, and just absorb it directly;

Bendable mold removal: After printing, remove the film and gently bend the film to break off the model;

The model is easy to stick: the surface of the soft magnetic sticker has a fine uneven texture, which makes it easier for the print to adhere to the platform; Repeated use: After repeated use, wipe with alcohol to get a new look .

Compatibile 3D Printers:

 Size Adapted models
220x220MM A8  A6  A2  ET series models
235*235MMCREALITY  Ender3  and other series models
E12 E16 A8PLUS ET5 series, CREALITY CR10 series, Artillery SW-X1 and other models

Suggested Nozzle Temperature Settings for Different 3D Printing Filaments:

FilamentExtruder TEMPHeatbed TEMPPrint speed
ABS220-240℃100-125ºC (110ºC is recommended)40-100mm/s
PC235-270℃100-130ºC (120ºC is recommended)40-100mm/s