3PCS Hot End Kit for A8 / ET4 3D Printers

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Hot end kit for Anet A8, A8 Plus, A6, Anet ET4, Anet ET5X, Anet ET5, ET5 Pro 3D printers suits 1.75mm filament printing. It’s also a replacement part for a desktop FDM 3D printer that prints 1.75mm filament.

Items included:

3 * Nozzle + 3 * Throat Tube + 3 * Heating Block + 3 * Thermistor + 3 * Cartridge Heater



MK8 Nozzle: brass / standard 0.4mm

Throat Tube: stainless steel / 1.75mm inside diameter

Heating Block: aluminum / 20*20*10mm

Thermistor: NTC 3950 / 100K Ohm / 110cm


Package includes:

Hotend Kit * 3PCS

Shipping from our Chinese warehouse.

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