42 Stepper Motor

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This item is a stepper motor, with 90cm 4 pin cable for convenient use.
Suitable for 3D printer replacement (All Anet 3d printer is suitable, such as Anet A8 3d printer, A6 3d printer, E12 3d printer, E10 3d printet etc.).
It's good ideal for 3D printers, as well as CNC and robotics applications.
Step Angle: 1.8 Degree
Frame Size: 42.3 * 42.3 * 38mm

Specifications for this item
Brand Name Anet
Color black
Model Number Anet-0020
Number of Items 1
Size 42.3 * 42.3 * 38mm
UNSPSC Code 26101200

Product description
Apply for 3D printer, machinery and equipment.
1.8 degree step angle, 0.4N.M holding torque.
Motor size: 42 * 42 * 38mm.
Lower noise and running temperature.
Comes with a 90cm connecting cable.

Step Angle: 1.8 Degree
Phase: 2
Voltage: 3.96V
Current: 0.9A
Holding Torque: 0.4N.M
Lead: 4
Lead Length: 90cm / 35.4in
Frame Size: 42.3 * 42.3 * 38mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Item Weight: 276g / 9.8oz
Package Size: 5 * 5 * 8cm / 2.0 * 2.0 * 3.1in
Package Weight: 280g / 9.9oz

Package List:
1 * Step Motor
1 * Cable

Warning: Make sure the motor connects to a constant current or chopper drive controller before you test the motor. Connecting the motor directly to a power supply will destroy the motor.