Best Selling Anet A8 3D Printer 0.1 Accuracy 220mm*220mm*240mm Printing Size



1.2004 LCD screen, 5 keys for easy operation, support SD card and off-line printing;

2.Support TF card off-line printing, especially convenient when without the computer;

3. Heated hotbed and MK8 extruder nozzle with wide range temperature adjustments

4. Compatible with ABS, PLA, HIPS, PP and Nylon etc.; Recommend PLA.

5. Stable frame, 0.1-0.2mm printing accuracy;

6. Support 220mm*220mm*240mm large printing size

The main difference between Standard A8 and Auto A8:

Standard A8: leveling heat bed by manually

Auto A8: leveling heat bed by anauto leveling position sensor