N4 LCD Resin 3D Printer

Ultra High Precision】2560*1440(2K) HD masking LCD gives very fine print details with precision up to 40um.

Fast Printing Speed】The molding principle of UV curing 3D printer is to cure the entire layer of resin with light source. Unlike FDM printer's layer-by-layer superposition based on path printing. The larger the single-layer printing are, the faster the LCD 3D printer can print.

Built-in Slicer】Extreme fast slicing: completed within one minute. 

Unique Honeycomb Filling】Saving material above 50% for solid models.

Intelligent Error Correction】The software automatically identifies and corrects the incorrect STL model file, outputs the correct printing file, and avoids printing failure due to model intersection, hole breaking and other errors.

Photosensitive Resin Vat】Developped resin vat FEP film is part of maintenance cost in daliy printing. New resin vat was specilly designed for FEP film to adjust the tightness.

Wide Applications】With high print precision, DLP resin 3D printer has wide applications in jewelry design, medical application like dental care, anime garage kit, education, architecture design, industrial components and much more.

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    I ran this printer for over 30 hours of printing the weekend after purchasing it, and I have nothing but good things to say about it.

    Resolution - The printers 2k resolution is amazing. Printing at a 30 micron layer height left my prints with near invisible layer lines. I could only see layer lines on rounded objects, and even then they appeared only as faint contour lines. I actually had to hold the object in hard light for the lines to even be visible. I also could not see any sort of stepping in the round objects due to pixel edges which was a huge plus.

    Speed and Sound - The machine operated nearly silent. I printed with 10 second curing time per layer, with a 4mm rise in between layers. If I wasn't specifically standing in front of the machine watching it, I honestly couldn't tell if it was printing or not. The machine moves reasonably fast even though it is nearly silent. Each 4mm rise and dip was seamless and smooth.

    Software and Documentation - The provided "Alprint" software by Anet is easy to use, and quite responsive as far Slicers go. Comparing it to Cura, or the Sparkmaker software, it is much faster to slice with and much more intuitive to use. The provided quick start documentation allowed me to have the printer out of the box and printing within about 5 minutes.

    Anet Brand - This is the 3rd Anet branded printer that i have purchased in the past 2 years. I have traditionally used the Anet A8 FDM printers and those have been great. The A8 printers have required little more than regular maintenance over time, and I still use them to this day. This Anet N4 Printer is just another indication in my eyes of a good brand. Their support has always been responsive to date, and I will be buying a second one of these units shortly.

    Customer Reviews

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