N7 LCD Resin 3D Printer


Ultra High Precision】HD masking LCD gives very fine print details with precision up to 75um.

Fast Printing Speed】The molding principle of UV curing 3D printer is to cure the entire layer of resin with light source. Unlike FDM printer's layer-by-layer superposition based on path printing. The larger the single-layer printing are, the faster the LCD 3D printer can print.

Offline PrintUSB offline printing, stable transmission.

Built-in Slicer Extreme fast slicing. Completed in one minute.

Unique Honeycomb Filling】 Honeycomb structure filling, which not only saves materials, but also ensures the structural strength of the model.

Intelligent Error CorrectionThe software automatically identifies and corrects the incorrect STL model file, outputs the correct printing file, and avoids printing failure due to model intersection, hole breaking and other errors.

Independent R&D System