Anet ET4 Firmware Updating Guidelines

Last year, for improving Anet ET4’s performance and user experience, we released a series of ET4 firmware updates. However, recently, we noticed that many have reflected that, for instance, the printhead was out of command, or the LCD screen just got stuck on its logo interface after they finished the update. Today, let’s get this trouble resolved once for all!

We seem also not to be an exception from this commonsense that firmware updating of any electronic equipment cannot be perfectly risk-free, once it fails, your machine will frustratingly be a big brick. However, though risk exists, we have found some effective methods to easily avoid. Many friends from our Facebook group have already raised useful advice that is to format your SD card before you update.

This is a good start, but if your machine, like your screen, just doesn’t work after you update, we need another tool - J-Link. We recommend this cheap and nice type:

 J-Link for Mainboard Flash


Now let’s concretely introduce how we make use of J-Link:

Step 1: Connect the J-Link to the motherboard.

But please pay attention that this process must be operated with your machine powered off! And according to the wire labels in J-Link, plug the three wires labeled GND, SWC and SWD into the motherboard in the order shown in the picture.

wire labels in J-link

 wires labeled GND, SWC and SWD

Step 2: Install its supporting software - J-flash.

Here is the download link:

After finishing the installment and open it, we click “Start J-Flash”.



Step 3: Click “Options->Project setting”, and please follow the pictures below to modify these parameters:

 parameters of J-Flash01

parameters of J-Flash01

parameters of J-Flash

parameters of J-Flash

parameters of J-Flash

Step  4: Click “File->Open date file” to select our ET4 firmware update to be burned into the motherboard. (J-Flash supports .hex or .bin file)

Step 5: Turn your machine’s power on. (By the way, when you run the update you must use digital power with its electric current under 200mA to avoid breaking the motherboard). Click “Target->Auto” or press F7 and wait the command suggesting that it completes.

 J-Flash ARM V4.86b


If you don't want to make settings for the firmware updating, please download files in below link and follow the "readme.txt" to proceed.


Files inside the link:

J-link firmware flash document 

So guys, have you got how to correctly update firmware? Hope you all can figure out. And if you still feel puzzled, you can reach to Karl's solution on CNX-Software, which is also easy and feasible.

Thank you and enjoy your print!


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Anet Official eShop - April 10, 2021

can you send us a video of updating the firmware of your ET4+?

Massimo - April 10, 2021

hi, I have an ET4+ with Firmware Ver.1.0.0 I can’t update with any file downloaded from your site … I ask you for help !!
thank you

Anet Official eShop - April 8, 2021

@Ronald Carroll

we newly added a download link for firmware updating at the end of the article, please check.

Ronald Carroll - April 8, 2021

There is a number of missing steps in the above procedure. Before you can open the “Project Options” you have to have a project. WERE is the project?

larry steele - June 30, 2020

I bought a anet et4 from ebay I sent massage to ebay they will not respond to me I would like to swamp for another 3d printer can you call me please for I can explain to you what the problem is you can call me at 346-235-3185 24hr a day.
thank you for taking the time to read

Jennifer - April 17, 2020

Can we get the hex file for the 1.15 update please? printer will not update past 1.12 with memory card.

Rick - April 11, 2020

Will ET4 firmware work on the ET4 Pro?

Manoranjan - March 25, 2020

Can u plz share j-link AliExpress link plz

junghyunSim - March 19, 2020

I am an et4 user.
I bought a board for et4 pro because it was broken.
Could I get the et4 firmware for the et4 pro board?

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