10 Top 3D Printing Tools and Supplies

Every 3d printer comes with some 3d printer tools. Using them instead of losing them. Today we are going to talk about 10 tools what make it much easier for you to use your 3d printer.

Metric Ruler

A 15 centimeters metal ruler is important. It very useful for measuring the height x-axis to the print bed to make sure it is the same on both sides and also useful for measuring prints to make sure extrusion is correct pretty much.

Digital Caliper

Digital caliper is a must-have tool to dial in your 3D printer for perfect print. Fine-tune your 3d printer with XYZ test cube and to get precise print results. 3D printer tuning isn't a one-for-all work. Different 3d printer need different 3d printer pcura slicer profile settings and printing parameters, like printing temperature. And PLA, PLA plus, TPU, ABS, PETG filaments also various. Even filament of different brands means a new turning work. You can get a metal aluminum digital calipers for about 25-30 dollars in our shop. 

XYZ Calibration Cube

XYZ Calibration Cube shared by ThirstyTurtle328


Hot Knife

The hot knife is a blade that you can screw in and it has other styles of tips that you can use to sort of iron down bump on your print .It works just like a soldering iron and has a temperature control . Hot knife is a unique way to clean up 3d prints. You can get it anywhere for tens of a dozen dollars to 50 dollars.

Zip Ties

Zip ties are the most easily ignored or under estimated parts by 3d printer users. It could be in top 3 important parts for 3d printers. The nozzle movement on 3d printers would often make the cable connection loose, which would lead to like burning and short circuit issues.


Nozzle Cleaning Needles Tool

Nozzle clog often happens in 3d printing. Keep some nozzle cleaning needles at hand to quick solve simple nozzle clog issue. Nozzle needles is a good way to clean out the 3d printer. There are a variety of different size needles to choose. For the standarded 0.4mm 3d printer nozzle, we suggust to take 0.2mm nozzle clean needles

Paint Scraper

The edge of a razor blade scraper is very thin much thinner than paint scraper, so you have to hold it very flat when you use it. That is not flexible up. The paint scraper will save your print surfaces because if you use it carefully it would not damage the print surface at all .So using paint scraper is a easiest way to get prints which are stuck on a print sheet . It have many fancy ones with fancy handle, you can chose one which you like.

Post-it for 3D Printer Leveling

When used the 3d print, we all have to level the print beds , so we need a piece of thin paper to test whether the height is appropriate or not. The post-it note is flexible that they are big enough to get into any printer. It’s very inexpensive but it is one of the more valuable tools because it works so well.

Glue Stick

If the printer didn’t work properly when you printed it, maybe because the adhesion is not good and height is wrong, then the glue stick will play a vital role.  Although It not inexpensive, it is going to save your time. Using a build plate adhesive in order to make your printing smoother

Hex Keys Tool

Using hex keys are much easier to use and they are not very expensive. You can buy them in many places. They’re about 12-15.

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