Custom Blythe Dolls with 3D Printer

* Share by maker, and Anet A8 user, Tomas Aceytuno.

Since recently my wife has started with her new passion - customize Blythe dolls and make her clothes. Little by little she needs spare parts and some elements that could be printed with our Anet A8.

custom Blythe dolls furnitures 

Some models needed more definition in their details, specifically in their ornaments, for that reason, I imported the .stl models into 3Dcoat so I could easily work with them and split the pieces for 3D print.

3D printed Blythe Dolls furniture

3D printed Blythe Dolls furniture

Ultimate Cura admits high resolution meshes, avoiding me having to do a retopology on these models.

 imported .stl models into 3Dcoat and split the pieces for 3D print

Once all the pieces were printed and sanded, I prepared some “Abs glue” to assemble the furniture.

sand 3D prints

With the dry glue, A paper printed on a wooden board, some photographs on the Photo Frames and some cushions we complete the scenario.

3d printed cushions and scenario deco. 

For a new scenario we have designed and installed a neck joint ball to allows the doll, "Ines"  to rotate her head. (Her current body didn’t allow it).

Custom Blythe dolls

custom Blythe dolls

With the printer we have been able to make many spare elements, such as T-bar, a neck joint ball, doll supports, dummys for clothes, hangers, elements for shoes, small buttons for clothes, earrings, etc ...

custom 3d printed T-bar, dummys for clothes, etc.

You could get customize Blythe dolls, clothes, and other decro elements from the Etsy store of Tomas and his wife. 

Customize Blythe dolls with Anet A8 3D printer

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