Vintage Streetlight Replica

Hi guys, there goes another high-end model from Tomas Aceytuno to encourage you to enrich your print-days! Tomas introduced the process of printing a streetlight on Anet N4. Hope you all enjoy it!

First, loaded the file of the streetlight model you can learn its system, quolity and definition.

streetlight stl model


The structure of the model is separated into parts but we didn't hurry to export it out for we had to drill some little holes that we later needed to cross the lamp wires through, and, of course, to add to dense supports also counts.
add supports on Anet N4 Al slicer

But during the process of slicing, it appeared to be slow. Never mind, you can go on it will offer you solutions for various troubles caused by your models. And the problem of slicing slowly was handled quickly.

repairs your 3d stl files online

So the following was to export it into .N4 and patiently waited it to complete its work. It would not take long time cuz N4 prints several pieces at the same time. And then we took these parts out, removed the support and put them in the UV lamps to clean the resin remains. We had our pieces in quite detail.
use UV lamps to clean the resin remains

Only left to use primer ...

Only left to use primer ...

We changed resin into white one and printed out a piece of glass that perfectly fitted the groove. That was amazing, and finally mount a led lamp to our streetlamp and glue the parts.
mount a led lamp to our streetlamp and glue the parts

Once everything was assembled and tested. It was time to just turn on the lights!

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