Hold Hands with Hungary Through Pandemic

Everyone will be judged as the same as the enterprise, hence the balance will be achieved. Since the 21st century has come, the government and society started to care about society's duty. As concern as enterprise society duty, it does not only mean profit enterprise makes and legal duty for shareholders or employees, but also the contribution made for customers, community, and environment. The better the enterprise carries out social duty, the farther it will take to. Therefore, Anet engraves this rule in heart and do our best to pay back to society.

The story began on 1st April, when one Anet employee found a post, from Facebook Anet community, seeking help from Hungarian Men, Csaba Ádám. Without hesitation, this employee contacted Csaba Ádám to make a proposal about 3D printer donation. At first, Csaba Ádám did not take it seriously until one mailman informed him the express was about to reach him.

Since after, Hungarian media website SZOLJON contacted Csaba Ádám and made an interview report about this donation. Csaba Ádám joked, “When we dug a hole in the sandbox in childhood, we said we will get to the other end, where China settles, of the planet.”

Csaba Ádám claimed, this machine can help them to print more masks and other quarantine appliances, which take great stress from the community.

Before this donation to Hungarian, Anet has already donated printers to many European countries and communities. Via 3D printing technology, Anet truly gets to the upper level about developing human beings. Darkness never conquers light, cause human beings history are made of consistent struggling. In the end, we share one video, about DIY household sense hand wash, made by foreign Internet celebrity @KJDOT. I hope you like it.

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