Extruder for A8 / A8 Plus 3D Printers


Direct drive extruder kit for Anet A8 / A8 Plus / A6 3D printers
1. the working voltage 12V, 24V, default 12V.
2. nozzle diameter: 0.2/0.3/0.4/0.5mm any kind, default 0.4mm.
3. The length of the Cartridge heating head is 0.5m
Extrusion head heating voltage 12V, preventing 5-9 ohms, 500MM cable.
K-type thermocouple 500MM link line. NTC 100K B=3950
Extrusion head: voltage 12V, power 40W
Weight: 500g

​Package includes:

1 x Printer head kit for Anet A8 / A6 / A8 Plus / ET4 / E10  3D printer