Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer

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 About Pre-Sale Updates:

Due to new custom policy in US, we are not able to ship new inventory to US. If you are from US and interested in purchasing Anet 3D printers, please consider A6/A8/E10, we have ready stocking in US.

A8 PLUS is one of our new released top selling model. It is currently no inventory in EU/ RU warehouse. We do have stock in Shenzhen manufacture center. So if you are from Europe , you could either:

1. Order from China warehouse, we will ship directly from our manufacturing center via customs clearance delivery which will make sure you don't need to pay extra custom fee.

2. Order EU/RU Pre-sale option, which will be much cheaper, and will ship directly from EU/RU warehouse at JULY

However if you are from Asia, Australia, we do have ready to ship inventory. 

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to mail:





If you are good at assembling,  you can choose self-assembly option, which is 20USD cheaper; If you are not, we strongly recommend you choose pre-assembled DIY, which is exactly the same after assembling, would require less work. 

we will ship a random color for 10m PLA option, for 1kg PLA option you could leave a note about the color, or we will ship a random color. 






FDM 3D printer

1.All-metal body, stable structure and high printing precision;

2. Easy assembly, only 10 minutes;

3. Large size molding 300*300*350mm;

3. X-axis and Y-axis belts are adjustable;

4. Automatic loading and unloading filament function, convenient for filament exchange, support soft filaments;

5. Moveable operation panel;

6. Knob-style buttons, easy to operate;

7. DIY packaging and modular packaging, two packaging options;