Anet A8 Plus 3D Printer Review from Maker's Muse

Anet A8 Plus is a 3D printer with a heat bed and large print volume, which it’s named after the A8 3D printer but has nothing in common with A8. Let’s check out what Maker’s Muse said about the A8 Plus 3d printer in his review of Anet A8 Plus 3D printer.


Pros of A8 Plus 3D Printer

A8 Plus 3D printer has great performance and cost ratio. You could get it at around 200 US$ even including the shipping cost.

Decent instruction for assembly is provided along with printer and no soldering is needed during the assembly.

A8 Plus has more reliable injection molded parts and less 3D printed parts than previous kit.

A8 Plus has 300*300mm huge heat bed with a sizeable glass plate on top. You have tons of options here.

The 24 volts power convertor enhances heating proficiency for the heat bed.

The interface of the LCD screen and click wheel are easy to use.

A8 Plus is able to connect a PC with raspberry Pi and do remote 3D printing via Octopi.

Comparing to the acrylic materials on the A8, A8 Plus 3D printer has lovely aluminum extrusions, which is more stable and safe.

A8 Plus 3D printer has introduced thermal runaway protection in and this will prevent the printer from catching fire.


Cons of A8 Plus 3D Printer

A little complicated assembly needs to go through a lot of wirings.

Some 3D printed parts are a little weak.

Some wires, for example, the second Z-axis motor wire is not quite long enough to route correctly or cleanly.

The Y-axis motor spins backwards. It’s easy to fix for experienced 3D printer users. But for newbies, it’s a real challenge. It can be changed in firmware or you just flip the pins on one of the coils.


Suggestion for Using A8 Plus 3D Printer 

To keep everything clean while moving freely for the entire print volume is indeed quite a challenge. It’s better to mount a little guide on the side of the spool holder.

Glue stick is suggested to enhance 3D printing result on A8 Plus.

A8 Plus is a direct drive type 3D printer. Tweaking acceleration and jerk settings can help your print.

The release tabs are hidden and it’s a little bit difficult to replace the PTFE tube which inserts into the extruder coupler.

Inserting the SD card into the control box slot to load g-code file could a careful job to avoid missing the slot and slipping the card into the box.

A8 Plus prints a little loud because of its low price without silent steppers. 

Cables sometimes affects while 3D printing a large object. It’s better to tie cables tidy to avoid them scratching the print.



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