Method 1-Automatic leveling adjustment with Marlin and Pronterface

Method 1-Automatic leveling adjustment with Marlin and Pronterface

Credit to: Jose Maria Mato Muñoz

This leveling guide is based on my @Matosantos under my own experience with inductive, I clarify that there are many ways to make leveling or adjustments on both the inductive and a BLTouch.

In order to use the autolevel, we will have to configure the sensor offset on the Z axis (Z Probe Offset).

There are several ways to do it, but I think the simplest is through gcode commands.

To do this, we have to connect the printer to a PC and we will use Pronterface to launch the GCodes and carry out the following process:

1º- Heat the bed and hotend to their printing temperatures, for PLA 200 in the hotend and 50 or 60 in the bed, waiting a few minutes for the expansions that occur when these are heated to stabilize.


2º- We set the phase shift to 0 with the M851 Z0 command and save it in the EEPROM with M500


3º- Now we send the G28 command to make home to all axes.


4º- Since there is a limitation in the firmware (Marlin) that prevents movements towards negative positions, it must be deactivated while making this adjustment. To do this we will only have to send the command M211 S0 . (Beware! It disables the limitations on all axes) .


5º- We go with the key step, we will need a paper of 80 gr / m2 (which is a tenth of a millimeter) very typical in a Din A4 . We place this under the nozzle, if necessary you can raise the z axis a little with the Z axis movement controls, we have to adjust the height of the extruder nozzle so that it lightly rubs the paper. You can use the 10 mm and 1 mm movements (if it is still far away) and end with the 0.1 mm or 0.025 mm movements to adjust it precisely.


6º- We set the offset value with the M851 Z-X.XX command , where –X.XX is the value to be set. If instead of giving us a negative value, this is positive we would only remove the - from the front, in the following image you can see a positive value instead of a negative one. After finishing we will save the value in the EEPROM with the M500 command.


7º- It is very important to reactivate the limitation of negative movements of the axes, sending the command M211 S1.

With this we have the printer ready to use the autolevel.

To carry out a test we carry out a home, either from Pronterface with the G28 command or from the printer menu in the movement section, after finishing the home we will launch an automatic calibration, either from Pronterface with the G29 command or from the movement menu - leveling bed.

If we want the option of leveling the bed before each printing we will have to add in our slicer (laminator) that we use.Now, to start printing, we only have to configure the filleting (slicer) that we use, so that it includes the autolevel in the files gcode generated. To do this, we will have to include in the startup script, a line with a G29 command just after the last line that we have with a G28.

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