How to Update ET4 Pro to Firmware Version V3.0.0


Credit to Crazy 3D

When we mention the Anet ET4 series 3D printers, we often include the ET4, ET4X and ET4 Pro 3D printer. These desktop FDM 3D printers are developed on the same metal frame constructions and have the same print volume. But they have slight differences in some features. For example, the ET4 has a piece of silent stepper motor driver chip, the TMC2208 on its mainboard, which ensures quiet printing of very low noise.

Today, we’re going to introduce how to update the ET4 Pro to the latest firmware, the version V3.0.0.

The updates on firmware Version V3.0.0

1. Added Japanese user Interface

2. Support folder on SD card


How to process the firmware update:

1. On the homepage of Anet official website, move the cursor over the “Download” navigation bar and then click on “Download” on the drop-down list.

* For the V3.0.0 firmware for ET4+, you could download it here

2. Slide down and click on the download button under the “ET4 Pro 3D Printer”. “” will be downloaded.

3. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the .bin and .txt file into your SD card.

4. Insert the SD card into the Anet ET4 Pro 3D printer and power it on. Click on “Settings” and then click on “Info”.

We can see the original firmware version information, currently is V1.0.2.

5. Click on “Update” and then click on “Ok”

The printer will automatically copy the file from the SD card.

The display turns to white and we wait for a few minutes for the automatic firmware updating.

Now the display is ready to use again.

6. Click on “Settings” and then click on “Information”, and we can see the firmware version is already the latest V3.0.0 now.

That’s all for this tutorial and thanks to “Crazy 3D”.

You could see that there are different firmware files to download for ET4, ET4X and ET4 Pro. We kindly suggest you to review the firmware list of our Anet ET4 printers and update your Anet 3D printers according to the specific item type to avoid risks of improper firmware version installation.



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Anet Official eShop - April 8, 2021

manual level the printer first, and then home the extruder, then use auto leveling

Franck - April 8, 2021

J’ai fait la mise à jour mais le nivellement ne fonctionne plus. La tête se met en position home et ne bouge plus. Une solution ? Merci

Sam - April 10, 2021

Does this firmware cover ET4+ too?

NOIRE Alain - April 8, 2021

J’ai effectué les opération comme indiqué et lorsque je fais OK pour la mise a jour, le systeme répond:
Update Fail
Merci de me donner d’autres explications

ma machine est une anet et4 pro Version V1.0.2
compagnie: anet

Luiz Felipe Elizei - February 23, 2021

I got an update fail message? any support?

Anet Official eShop - January 16, 2021

Hi Mike and Pablo, thank you for your advice.

The updates on firmware Version V3.0.0

1. Added Japanese user Interface

2. Support folder on SD card

MikeV - January 16, 2021

Why should we perform this update?
Is there a release notes so we can review the improvements before embarking on an update?

Pablo - January 16, 2021

Hi, Release Notes?

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