Wiring Diagram of Anet ET4 and ET5 3D Printer Mainboard

I - Circuit Diagram of Anet ET4 / ET5 Mainboard

wiring diagram on the mainboard of Anet ET4


II - Anet ET4 / ET5 Mainboard Pin or Port Connection Table

 Parts & Accessories
Cable Label
Mainboard Pins / Port
No Label / 4 Pin White Plug
Heatbed No Label / 6 Pin White Plug BED
Nozzle No Label / 20 Pin Black Plug Nozzle Wiring Socket
Y-axis Motor & Limit Switch Y-M Y-M
Z-axis Motor Z1-M Z1-M / Z2-M
TF Card Port / TF Cart Port
USB / USB Port


III - Anet ET4 Mainboard Connectors (pins / ports) Description

FAN Connector:

Near the POWER pins, there is a two-pin (FAN & VIN) connector. It connects to the fan with a FAN (label) cable.


POWER Connector:

The 4-pin (VIN, GND, GND, VIN) connector labeled with “POWER” connects to the power convertor near the mainboard. The power convertor converts AC 220V power supply into DC 24V power input for the mainboard.


BED Connector:

The 6-pin connector labeled with “BED” connects to hot bed. The pins are VIN, VIN, GND, TEMP, HOT and HOT.


Nozzle (hot end) Connector:

The connector is a 20-pin black colored socket which includes EXBPS1, VIN, LV_DET, GND, EA2, EB2, EB1, EA1, MAT_DET1, MDFVI-, Z_LIMIT, TEMP_EXB1, EXGV1-, VIN, X_LIMIT, GND, XB2, XB1, XA2, and XA1 pins. It actually connects to the convertor board for the hot end.


S-Y & Y-M Connector:

The 6-pin connector (smaller than BED connector) near the above mentioned socket connects to Y-axis motor with a Y-M labeled cable, and Y-axis limit switch with a S-Y labeled cable. It includes Y_LIMIT, GND, YB1, YA1, YA2, YB2 pins.


Z-axis Motor Connector:

It’s labeled as Z1-M on the mainboard and connects to Z-axis motor with the Z1-M (label) cable. It includes ZB2, ZA2, ZA1 and ZB1 pins. And we can see there is also a Z2-M connector with same pins on the mainboard. Actually the Z-axis motor can be connected to this connector and it won’t affect the usage. And the spare slot for Z-axis motor means that you could have dual Z-axis motor for dual Z-axis rods. Some users upgrades their ET4 with dual Z-axis.


TF Card Port:

It’s for inserting TF card if needed.


USB Port:

It’s used USB cable connection.


P1 Connector:

P1 connector has 10 pins and connects to the LCD. It includes LCD_PD7, LCD_PD5, T_CS, LCD_MOSI, LCD_MISO, LCD_SCK, LCD_PEN, LCD_RD, GND and 3.3V pins.


P2 Connector:

P2 connector also connects to the LCD and has same feature with P1 mentioned above.


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