How to Quickly Add Print Time in Your Print File Names

For makers who uses cura may notice a problem that bothers which is the output file name. Its default file name is too long and meaningless, some printers cannot show the file in some cases. It would be great if we can customize the output name as our wish.

We prefer to add a print time in the file name. Today we are going to show you how to add it into the output file name.

Click the “Marketplace” button on the right corner, then you will enter the Cura plugins store. There are a lot of plugins you can use to expend cura’s function. We also shared some highly recommended Cura plugins with you guys earlier.

Cura Plugin - Gcode File Name Format Plus

Scroll down, find “Gcode File Name Format Plus” and install it. You will need an account to install the plugins. Cura released great fractures to benefits registered users since v.4.8.0, you can access all your profiles, settings, printers on any computer with a single account.

Once you finished, just click the button to restart Cura, new plugin will work after reboot.

After that you can customized your file name. Open “Extensions”, find the plugin you just installed, select “Edit Format”.

Fill this code “[base_name] [print_time_hours_all]H[print_time_minutes]M” for time saving. This code will add print hours and minutes into the output files.

If you need further customize, you can check its GitHub project (by rgomezjnr) with this link:

Scroll down to the bottom, you will find its usage. Then you can follow its guide and add what you need. Just make sure your printer can read its name. 

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