Cura 4.10 Review: What’re new features and updates?

At the end of June, Ultimaker launched the latest version of its well-known slicing software, Cura 4.10. The new version features a major update that allows users to import native CAD files into Cura for improving engineering workflow. Cura 4.10 also comes with a handful of bug fixes and improvements we will list in the following article.

Supported CAD files in Cura 4.10

Thanks to the partnership between Ultimaker and Dassault Spatial, Cura 4.10 is able to support CAD files. Ultimaker Professional and Ultimaker Excellence subscribers can directly import native CAD files into Ultimaker Cura.

Not only a single CAD file, but also CAD assemblies. Assemblies will be opened as a group, making it easier to print all the parts together. Or you can “ungroup” the assembly into parts, and tune each component separately as you will. You don’t have to convert CAD files before import anymore. This update helps skip a step before print and provides a more efficient engineering workflow.

The following CAD programs are supported on Cura 4.10:

  • STEP
  • IGES
  • Autodesk Revit/Autodesk Inventor
  • SiemensNX/Siemens Parasolid
  • Solid Edge
  • Solidworks
  • 3D ACIS Modeler
  • Creo
  • Rhinocerous

 To enable this new feature, except for updating to the latest version, you have to download and install the Native CAD import plugin. Noted, this plugin works only on the latest version Windows 10.

Cura 4.10 New Features and Improvements

The new features below are not only limited to subscribers, they are available for all the users. The most impressive one must be the visualization of material flow.

This feature visualizes the volumetric flow rate (in mm ³/s) into colors. From the left to the right of the color tape, refers to the increase in speed.

You can now visually know the different flows for different parts and intuitively tweak your print as flow, layer thickness, line width and speed.

Other exciting new features of Cura 4.10:

  • Added Ultimaker PETG profiles for Ultimaker 3
  • Show loading plugins on startup: You will see which plugins Cura is loading when starting Cura.
  • Add Z position parameter to FilamentChange: With the FilamentChange script you can now control all 3 coordinates.
  • Allow FilamentChange script to use Marlin M600 configuration.
  • Double click on file in Digital Factory: In the open project dialog in Digital Factory, if you double click on a file, it will open in Cura.

List of bug fixes of Cura 4.10, including but not limited to the following:

  • Fixed a bug where pause in height stops all extrusion if relative extrusion is used.
  • Fixed authentication issues when logging into the UM account.
  • Fixed deleting the z coordinate in the move tool to the value of 0.
  • Fixed the limit range of the layers view to only visible structures.
  • Fixed a bug where Cura would crash when scaling a model on Linux.
  • Fixed a bug when using right-to-left language numbers superimposed on text in print settings.
  • Fixed a bug where some names with Unicode characters would block Cura when trying to authorize.
  • Fixed a bug where a model is partially under the build plate if the model selected in the center is used.
  • Fixed a bug where a fingertip arrow would appear when the "Manage Printers" button was held.

Cura is famous for its open-source and free, and the free version can satisfy most of the users’ demand. However, if you are a professional engineer, or you are using an Ultimaker’s 3D printer, you can give a thought to the subscribe program, which really helps with your 3D printing. The last mention, several 3D printers from other brands have been added or updated in the Cura 4.10, go see if there has any update about your 3D printer.

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