ET4 Configuration on Cura

Hello guys, this guildline is for those who met with troubles when Anet ET4 printer cannot perfectly print out the file edited on Cura. Here we introduce “auto” and “manual” two methods to configure the best Cura setting for ET4!
Let's get started!



The Ultimaker Cura 4.7.1 setting for Anet ET4, ET4X and ET4 Pro 3D printers is available on the following link.

Settings in Ultimaker Cura 4.7.1 for Anet ET4 Series 3D Printers


The Ultimaker Cura 4.7.1 setting for Anet ET5, ET5X and ET5 Pro 3D printers is available on the following link.

 File Setup in Ultimaker Cura 4.7.1 for an Anet ET5 3D Printer



 I. Here We provide configuration files for Mac and Windows 

ET4 Configuration on Cura for Mac

ET4 Configuration on Cura for Windows


II.Now import them into Cura!

2.1.On Ultimaker Cura(matching ".curaprofile" files):
      Open “Preferences--->Profiles--->Import--->ET-4 Cura Ultimaker.curaprofile  (ET4-Mac.curaprofile for Mac user)”

2.2 On Cura DGO 14.07(matching ".ini" files):
      Open “File--->Open Configuration--->ET4 CURA 14.07.ini”



  • Cura profile of Anet ET4 for manual settings:
    (Refer to or download the pictures below to acoordingly set each item of parameter.)

  I. On Ultimaker Cura


II. On Cura DGO 14.07

2.1 Select “File--->Machine Setting--->Add new machine---> Prusa Mendel i3”

Cura 4.3 Settings for Anet ET4

2.2 According to the pictures below, set each item of parameter.

Anet ET4 Cura Profile

Anet ET4 Cura Setting

Anet ET4 Cura Configuration


All steps are put above. Welcome to contact us if you have any problems. Hope you all can have a good printing experience on ET4! See you next time.

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RODNEY - July 16, 2020

i am using cura 4.6 for Anetet5x… when i try to print a file of my own it shows 100 percent and raise the z axis up and said finished printing so i dont know what i am doing wrong ,

Adriano - July 12, 2020

Estou com o mesmo problema do Tobias:

Tobias – 30 de junho de 2020
Estou com o problema de que a impressora não começa a imprimir. O indicador corre para 100% e diz que a impressão terminou.

As únicas coisas que imprimem são a demonstração de gato, porco e cachorro. Alguém por favor pode ajudar com a configuração do Cura

stephane_lyon - July 11, 2020

Always not corrected since 9 april … Same issue today with this file !
Manos – April 9, 2020
The ET4 Configuration on Cura for Windows doesnt work on Ultimaker Cura 4.5.

“Failed to import profile from G:/ET-4 Cura Ultimaker.curaprofile: Could not find a quality type super for the current configuration.”


dav hal - July 5, 2020

Hi, please provide “Mattercontrol” with an ET5 profile (,ini or similar) file for their Mattercontrol V2 (free) software if possible. ET5 is great printer and when coupled with Mattercontrol V2 this is an excellent combination (IMHO).

Thanks and have a wonderful day!


Tobias - June 30, 2020

I have the problem, That the Printer does not start to print. The Indicator runs to 100% and says print finished.

Jack van Zundert - June 14, 2020

There are a lot of issieus with the pro printer..
The only things that print perfect are the demo cat, pig and dog.
Further is the firmware very crappy on the pro printer.
A lot of caching problems, you need tot reset the printer time after time.
Please give me the printer setting your using for your demo´s.
I spend a lot of time to get this printer working.
If it’s not getting better next week i’ll sent him back.

Ernst - May 30, 2020

Ich habe einen ET4 Pro. Verwendet das den gleichen Code?
Auch die SD-Karte, die ich mit dem Drucker bekommen habe, ist beschädigt. Wie kann ich eine Kopie der Software erhalten?
Vielen Dank.

Raul - May 17, 2020

On the instructions under :
2.2 According to the pictures below, set each item of parameter.

Why are you showing E12 Parameters on the picture instead of Prusa Mendel i3
as you where giving instructions?

Daniel - May 6, 2020

trying to get my et4 to run on matter control, but the commands are delayed…the baud rate is set at 115200, how do i change baud rate in the printer firmware?

Leonardo - April 27, 2020

I need the recomended settings for new Cura 4.6, please.

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