Settings in Ultimaker Cura 4.7.1 for Anet ET4 Series 3D Printers

For the utmost of our beloved users, we have concluded instructions on how to set on the slicer, the Ultimaker Cura 4.7.1 for a better result while using Anet ET4, ET4X, ET4 Pro, ET5, ET5X, ET5 Pro 3D printers.


Go 9 steps on Cura and surely you’ll print out what you want.  


  1. Select “check all” and apply advanced setting.
  2. Set “Layer Height” to 0.06 mm.
  3. Set “Infill Density” to 30%.
  4. Set Printing Temperature to 195 .
  5. Make sure “Enable Retraction” applied.
  6. Set support overhang angle to “Tree”.
  7. Set “Support Density” to 7%.
  8. Set “Build Plate Adhesion Type” to “Skirt”.
  9. Set printing speed to 80% or lower


And we also enclosed setting files download links for Anet ET4/5 Series 3D printers.






By downloading these files, you can skip setting procedures and go directly to print with Anet 3D printers.


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Also, you can refer to below articles to learn settings on Anet ET4 and ET5 series 3D printers.

Hope you enjoy easy printing with Anet 3D printers!


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments down below, our guys are waiting to help you. Joining our community is also a good idea, you can get information, model files, g-code files, tutorials and find the enthusiasts as you are. It's a place where creative people gathered, just hit the link:

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