Best Cura 4.7.1 Settings for Anet ET4 Series 3D Printers in 2021

For the utmost of our beloved users, we have concluded instructions on how to set on the slicer, the Ultimaker Cura 4.7.1 for a better result while using Anet ET4, ET4X, ET4 Pro, ET5, ET5X, ET5 Pro 3D printers.


Go 9 steps on Cura and surely you’ll print out what you want.   

  1. Select “check all” and apply advanced setting.
  2. Set “Layer Height” to 0.06 mm.
  3. Set “Infill Density” to 30%.
  4. Set Printing Temperature to 195 .
  5. Make sure “Enable Retraction” applied.
  6. Set support overhang angle to “Tree”.
  7. Set “Support Density” to 7%.
  8. Set “Build Plate Adhesion Type” to “Skirt”.
  9. Set printing speed to 80% or lower


And we also enclosed setting files download links for Anet ET4/5 Series 3D printers.

Cura settings profile for Anet ET5X /ET5 / ET5Pro: 

Cura settings profile for Anet ET4 / ET4X / ET4Pro:


By downloading these files, you can skip setting procedures and go directly to print with Anet 3D printers.


Also, if you are interested in the results or those settings, please check our 2 recent articles.

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Also, you can refer to below articles to learn settings on Anet ET4 and ET5 series 3D printers.


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Anet Official eShop - September 1, 2021

@yohan Please check the above article, you can find the link to download its files. Please remember to use the latest version of Cura.

Anet Official eShop - September 1, 2021

Holger, we don't quite get your point. There are no files for extruder, all settings are included in that profile. You can send photos to to show us what you mean by that, thanks!

Anet Official eShop - September 1, 2021

Don Alden You can use the same settings for your printer, it should be fine. Make sure the bed leveling is proper. For any problem, please send us photos or videos at

Don Alden - September 1, 2021

I am having problems with my Anet A6 settings. Won’t raise the layer height enough. Do you have the best settings for my printer?

Anet Official eShop - March 26, 2021

sorry that maybe the title misguided readers, actually there is Cura setting files for ET5 too.

Holger - March 25, 2021

Hello, I have an ET5X and I am a beginner. I would like to download the files for the settings. Unfortunately, I can only download the Settings Easy Settings for the printer from the Google Drive link and I cannot download the file for the extruder.

yohan - April 1, 2021

je viens d acheter l anet et5x
pourriez vous m envoyer les gcode pour le profile cura

David TOUREILLE - March 26, 2021

Why there are no longer any upgrade files for ET5?
Can I use those I downloaded when they were available?
Thank you

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