Make a New Extruder Mount for Anet ET4 3D Printer

Make a New Extruder Mount for Anet ET4 3D Printer

3D printing is to create. Yes, with Anet 3D printer, our users are attempting to create great designs for 3D printer modifications. Today we’re going to share Mr. Peter F. Jorgen’s new design of a 3D printed mount for adding new extruder on Anet ET4 3D printer.

Printed extruder mount by Anet ET4


According to Mr. Peter F. Jorgen, this design is to make full use of the existing parts on Anet ET4 3D printer without making major mechanical changes to the printer.


Mount the extruder on one side


The 3D printed housing can mount the motor and extruder together.

Mount the motor on the other side


The new extruder assembly is right above the hot end.


The design allows Mr. Peter F. Jorgen to mount the extruder and motor right above the hot end. But normally we see designs to mount the extruder at 90 degrees. And Mr. John F. Jorgen tried a lots of different designs and turned out all of them occupying a lot of space. He also prefers 90° mounting from what it is now, but it will conflict with the nozzle fan, so he abandoned the design and finally made this as a prototype.

Some other users are also suggesting the mount location of the motor is not ideal. During high retractions, the mount will become wobbly. And it’s better to parallel mount the motor to X axis.


And some users are also worrying about this design will become loose and the extruder might come off. But according to Mr. Peter F. Jorgen, the mount is tight fit and can be detached easily.


More other users like the design and are going to have a try on it. As Mr. Peter F. Jorgen said, this is a nice try to mount a new extruder on the Anet ET4 3D printer without big modification. As a prototype, he’ll test and continue to improve the design.


Why not have a try with Anet 3D printer like Mr. Peter F. Jorgen? Create and make, that’s the purpose of using a 3D printer. Certainly 3D printing is making creation easier and more accessible than ever before. And we believe that one day Mr. Peter F. Jorgen will eventually modify this design to the best of mounting a new extruder on Anet ET4 3D printer.



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