Anet A8 and its possibilities ...

* Share by Anet A8 user, Tomas Aceytuno.

When I bought my printer I only used it for printing but little by little I discovered the exciting world of improvements. One of the best is to use a laser module with my Anet.

 Upgraded Anet A8 with CNC laser

It seemed somewhat complicated but I just needed a bracket

and connect a single cable to the printer's motherboard. Something really simple.

Upgraded Anet A8 with CNC laser 

I had seen many CNC laser but they were expensive and they were not adjustable in height, something that if possible with the Z axis of my printer, being able to put pieces of different thicknesses.


My 500mw laser module is not very powerful but it allows me to cut and engrave a multitude of materials (adjusting speed and power). The limit is set by your imagination ... (And the print area measurements of course)

Cutting Foam and Vinil with upgraded Anet A8

Imagine you can Burn wood, cut vinyl, textile vinyl, cut paper to make papercraft, paper lamps, etc ... If you are passionate about crafts is a good tool for You.

Cutting Foam and Vinil with upgraded Anet A8

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