Party with 3D Printing Halloween Models

Party with 3D Printing Halloween Models

Halloween’s coming closer and closer! Let’s make a party with printing 3D Halloween models

 A few days ago, we printed a pumpkin and a hat with Anet ET4 3D printer. Tough the quality is quite good, but the models look a little dull.



Again we go to FAB365 and by input “Halloween” and find an interesting and creative pumpkin shaped Hallow Jack O lantern.

At the first glance, it may appear with no difference comparing to other pumpkin models.

 But, actually it’s quite special with 8 independently foldable pieces design.

Foldable Jack O Lantern


Sarcophagus is another element for Halloween.

Actually, it’s designed for keeping candyIt’s quite unique!

To make an eerie atmosphere for Halloween, FAB365 also designs a foldable Iron Maiden.

Have a Halloween with 3D printing related models is more meaningful than those purchased ones. You can have fun with your family while printing them.


If you like them, please click on below links:


Hurry up and print above models with Anet 3D printers! Have a nice Halloween as a special party for 3D printing

Learn more on how to slice better and get good result on 3D printing. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to leave comments down below, our guys are waiting to help you. Joining our community is also a good idea, you can get information, model files, g-code files, tutorials and find the enthusiasts as you are. It's a place where creative people gathered, just hit the link:

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