Comparisons for Three Different 3D Printer Leveling Sensors

Comparisons for Three Different 3D Printer Leveling Sensors

A leveling sensor is an important component for daily 3D printing. It’s usually installed into or near the hot end of a 3D printer to assist for accurate automatic print bed leveling. Anet once installed film pressure probe sensor but now is using proximity capacitive sensor. And another popular type of 3D printer leveling sensor is the BL touch. What are the differences between these three 3D printer leveling sensors? Let’s start from their working principles and decide which one to prefer.


What is a film pressure probe sensor?

Anet probe sensor can be used on the old version of ET4 3D printer with firmware of ET4 V1.1.1, V1.1.2, or V1.1.5.


What is a proximity capacitive sensor?

A proximity capacitive sensor is also called as inductive sensor. It uses currents induced by magnetic fields to detect metal objects nearby. A inductive sensor only works on a metal print bed.


Anet proximity capacitive sensor:



Output type: NPN

Power supply: DC 6-36V

Measure distance: 5-10mm

Size: 12 * 60mm


What is a BL touch?

A BL touch is an auto leveling sensor for 3D printers that can precisely measure the tilt of print bed surface. It works on any type of print bed surfaces such as a metal, glass or wood bed.


A BL touch consists of a micro controller, a solenoid switch, and a pushpin probe to contact the print bed. It’s one of the most accurate and reliable bed leveling sensors available on the market.


The above three types of leveling sensor are the most commonly used for 3D printers. Both the film pressure probe and BL touch need to contact the print bed to detect the distance from the nozzle to the print bed. Thus they can be applied on different print bed materials. The proximity capacitive sensor needs no contact on print bed but only works on metal type print beds. Which one would you like to use on your 3D printer? Probably, it depends only on your personal preference.


Film pressure probe, proximity capacitive sensor and BL touch are three most commonly used leveling sensors for 3D printers, A film pressure probe and a BL touch need to contact the print bed to operate and can be used on various print platforms. But on the opposite, a capacitive sensor needs no contact but only works on metal bed.


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