Top Three 3D Scan Apps for IPhone in 2021

Now 3D printing is quite popular around the world and then comes the increasing demands for printing what we see around us. And for this reason, 3D scanning technology is also developing fast and becomes more accessible than ever before.


There are three popular solutions for 3D scanning nowadays, including portable 3D scanner which can be used along with smart phones, handheld type 3D scanner and 3D scanning apps for smart phones. For example, the Anet-Phiz 3D scanner powered by smartphones and the HandySense handheld scanner are two popular and easy-to-operate 3D scanners.


But here we’ll recommend three convenient 3D scanning apps for your IPhone.

1. 3D Scanner

    3D Scanner App

    Compatibility: iOS 13.6 or later

    Rating: 4.8 stars

    Number of ratings: 1.2k


    The 3D Scanner App developed by Laan Labs is an incredible app that requires LIDAR camera sensor device such as an IPhone 12 Pro or IPad Pro to perform color 3D scanning on places or objects.

     Image source:

    The app can scan the object, edit 3D data, and measure the size of scanned object and then share your 3D scans in iMessage and AR Quicklooking using the USDZ format. Also, it can export your 3D scanned model in printable formats such as OBJ, GLTF, GLB, DAE and STL and as a raw point cloud in formats as PTS, PCD, PLY, and XYZ. 

    To use the 3D Scanner App, no signup is required, and no cloud or internet connection is required to process and share your 3D scans.  

    You can use this app to scan your house, your room, backyard or garden and import theses scans into easy 3D printing.


    2. Trnio

    Trnio 3d scanner app

    Compatibility: iOs 11.3 or later

    Rating: 3.4 stars

    Number of ratings: 500+


    Trnio is a dream 3D scanner app easy to use. By taping the camera button in the center, we can start walking around the object to scan out its 3D data.

    Image source: 

    The app will automatically add augmented reality (AR) dots for the captured pictures. When scanning is finished, tap on the middle of the screen for a few seconds and Trnio will stitch pictures together.

    One thing can explain how excellent Trnio works.

    3D scanned head animation with Trnio by Mr. Marco Mori

    3D scanned head animation with Trnio by Mr. Marco Mori

    Mr. Marco Mori, a 3D artist, used all of 3D head models scanned by Trnio and made an animated video for Tangerine, the glass animal.  

    Also here is the good news for 3D scan lovers! According to Trnio official website, the Trnio Pro is coming soon!


    3. Heges

    Heges 3d scanner app

    Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later
    Rating: 3.2 stars
    Number of ratings: 100+

    Launched in 2018, Heges is developed for iPhone X-series that comes with the TrueDepth camera. The app can export STL and PLY format 3D model files.

    Featured with night mode, Heges is able to scan in a quite dark environment and you won’t worry about ambient brightness while scanning.

    Heges has a new feature called infinite scanning. It means we can scan infinite spaces as possible as we want. The only thing we’ll worry about is the storage space of your phone.

    Targeted for professional grade scanning, Heges provides high-resolution point clouds. It may seem difficult to use at the beginning, but after several uses, you’ll get handy on it.

    One thing to keep in mind, don’t move too fast when you scan a difficult environment, for example, a glass surface with Heges because it might fail.

    These three 3D scan apps for IPhone are easy to use and can output accurate 3D data for your daily 3D printing with Anet 3D printers. Hope you enjoy easy 3D scanning with these recommended 3D scan apps.

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