Extruder Head Kits for Anet ET4 / ET5 3D Printer


3D printer extruder head for Anet ET4, ET4X, ET4 Pro, ET5, ET5X or ET5 Pro 3D printers. The nozzle is 0.4mm standard one that suitable for printing 1.75mm filament. The kit includes Hot End Kit with nozzle / thermistor / cartridge heater, pulley assembly and fans, etc.



Nozzle: brass / MK8 / 0.4mm

Throat Tube: stainless steel / 1.75mm inside diameter

Heating Block: aluminum / 20*20*10mm

Thermistor: NTC 3950 / 100K Ohm

Fan: 40*40mm / DC 24V 0.09A


Shipping from the Chinese warehouse.

The picture is for reference only. Please adhere to the original products in case of any mistake.


PS: You may also need Adapter Board for ET4 / ET4 Pro / ET5

The print heads of Anet ET4 and ET5 series 3D printers are preassembled parts. Watch this tutorial video and learn fast replacing a new print head for the printer in a few steps.
1. Remove cable zip ties on wires of the old print head.
2. Unplug wirings on the circuit board.
3. Pull out the teflon tube by pressing the black part pneumatic coupler and pull out the teflon tube. 
4. Buckle off the belt, then pull the extruder kit out of the x-axis.
5. Put new print head on.
7. Insert the x-axis belt underneath the pulley of the extruder head.
8. Loosen x-axis motor mounting screws, and move the motor inwards.
9. Circle the belt around the gear. Buckle the belt.
10. Move the motor outward to tighten the belt. Tighten x-axis motor screws.
11. Plug in Teflon tube.
12. Plug in all wiring on the adapter board.
13. Fasten the wiring with zip tie.