3D Printer Enclosure Protective Cover


1. Keep constant temperature printing in the heat preservation cover under complicated conditions. 3D printers can keep maintaining a constant temperature printing environment, reduces the impact of low-temperature weather on printing results.

2. 3d printer enclosure is made of a Protective cover made of flame-retardant aluminum foil flame-retardant aluminum foil cloth material. high-temperature resistance, fire-retardant, and corrosion-resistant, waterproof and windproof. Make sure a safer printing.

3. Easy installation and removal, easy to use.

4. Corrosion-resistant, anti-fading, dustproof, and good noise reduction.High temperature and corrosion resistance

5. The three-way support structure, very stable and not easily shake.


60*48*72CM / 75*70*90CM

Package includes:

3D printer enclosure * 1PCS

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Enclosure Size48*60*72cmEnclosure Size70*75*90cm 
Material process: flame retardant aluminum Material process: flame retardant aluminum foil cloth foil cloth
Net weight:1.9kgNet weight:2.8 kg 
Gross weight:2.2kg Gross weight: 3.15 kg
Packing size:78.5*13.8*8.5cm Packing size:90.8*13.8*12.5cm 
Cover for 3D Printers: ANET A2,A6,A8,ET4 series ,ANYCUBICI3,MEGA series ,LONER LK4,WANHAO13,CREALITYCR-6 SE,ENDER3 and ENDER5 series,BiquB1,Artillery Genius,etc.Cover for 3D Printers:ANET E12,E16,A8 PLUS,ET5 ARTILLERYSW-X1CREALITY ENDER-3 MAX,CR10,CR10S SERIES