5pcs Heating Tube for V6 J-head Extruder


Heating tube 6*20mm for V6 J-head extruder 3D printers. The maximum temperature increases from 300-31℃ to 340-350℃ or so. Can be used with the new HT-NTC100K temperature thermistor. Support the customization of different specifications, lengths, and resistance of the heater. 

Product specification: 

Voltage: 12V/24V

Power: 50W

Heating head size: 6 * 20mm

Heating head material: 304 stainless steel

Line length: 1M and 2M for option

Line thick: 0.5 mm2; (The cross section of the copper wire inside the heater is 0.5mm2;)

Heating temperature: up to 350 degrees

Package includes:

50W heating tube * 5PCS

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