3D Printer Anet A8 Assembly Parts List



QTY Picture Name QTY

Hotbed fixed

aluminum plate

1 M8  Nut      16pcs
M8  Spacer 12pcs

Four parts below

in this bag

1 220mm* 220mm* 3mm Hot bed 1

M4*8 screw 28pcs

M4*14 screw 4pcs

1 4. 5M Winding pipe 1
Plastic nippers 1 M3* 30screw 14pcs 1
Belting 10 1. 5M Power line 1



1 Rcli 1




M2*12 screw 4pcs wing nut        4pcs
Spring           4pcs

Linear bearing 7 Four parts below in this bag 1

M3*20    screw   4pcs
M2.3*10 screw   2pcs  M3*25    screw   2pcs

1 LCD 2004 screen 1
40*10 Fan 1 Three parts below in this bag 1
Heat bed line 90CM 1 40* 11 Cooling fin 1
Wire 65CM 1 Mainboard 1
Fan cover 1

Z Limit switch  A20CM
X Limit switch B50CM             Y Limit switch C50CM

Left Z axis nut support 1

M3*45 Sarew 2pcs  M3 Spacer 8pcs


Pillarwasher  M3*7 4pcs

Pillarwasher M3*15

8  Right Z axis     nut support 1

Screw bag include  below screws

1 Three parts below in this bag
Wind mouth 1 M3*18 screw 50pcs 1



1 1.7M belt 1
M3Nut 64pcs 1

Hex wrench M1.5
Hex wrench M2
Hex wrench M2.5       Hex wrench M3

Y axis motor fixed plate 1 5015 Air blower 1
Filament support plate connecting plate 2 Extruder 1
Y axis belt bearing 1 Screen baffle plate 1
X axis motor 1 Five parts below inthis bag 1
Z axis motor support
4 Z axis motor 1

Z axis Limit switch fixed plate

2 8GB TF card and card reader 1
Z axis motor 2 Y axis motor support 1
Bottom support plate 1 Locating piece 2
Y axisLimit switch fixed plate 1 Top support plate 1
X Gude rod 436mm2pcs

Y Gude rod 436mm4pcs
6 Y axis belt fixation clamp 4
Back plate 1 Guide rod back up
Front plate 1 Side support plate 2
Support plate lock plate 2 Open spanner 1
Filament support plate 2 Z axis motor fixed plate 2
Power supply 1

X Motor       line 40CM        Y Motor line40CM          Left Z Motor line40CM    RightZ Motor line90CM ExtruderMotor line90CM


T type lead screw M8*345mm 2pcs

Threaded rod M8*400mm 2pcs

Threaded rod M8*150mm 1pcs

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