How to Best Tune Bed Leveling on Anet ET5 3D printer-Part 4



I – Start with Mechanical Bed Leveling

II – Calibrate the Inductive Sensor

III – Sensor Assisted Manual Leveling ET5 Print Bed

IV – 16 Points Matrix Auto Bed Leveling


IV – 16 Points Matrix Auto Bed Leveling

Step 1

Double click on “Auto” and then click on “yes” to start the automatic way of bed leveling.




The hot end will move up quite a bit to make sure the sensor can be triggered properly when it moves down. And the printer will automatically finish the bed leveling at 16 points in about 6 minutes.


Step 2

Click on “Ok” appears on the screen when auto leveling is finished.



Now we can see nine numbers on the screen. If these numbers are within plus or minus 0.5mm, the print bed is sufficiently leveled to use the auto calibration.


Step 3

Click on “Ok”, the printer homes itself.


Step 4

Place the post-it note underneath the nozzle and slide it again to check the Z offset value as we do before.


Step 5

If the Z offset is a little higher or lower, click on “-” or “+” accordingly to adjust it. When the Z offset value is just ok and click the back button on the screen.


Now, we’ve perfectly leveled the print bed of the ET5 3D printer and we can do a print to test the result.


If you’re encountering same problems in accurate leveling the print bed of your Anet ET5 3D printer, practice above leveling procedures to make it operate at the perfect status!

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