How to Solve Hot End Filament Leak Problem for Anet ET4 3D Printer

Have you ever encountered the annoying hot end filament leak problem when using your Anet ET4 3D printer? In this article, we’ll learn how to properly install hot end to solve the problem.

Cause of Hot End Filament Leak While 3D Printing

If hot end filament leak happens, it’s usually caused by loose heat break (hot end throat) installation into the heat block. There is a tiny gap between the throat and the heat block. Thus the melted filament leaks from the gap.

Properly Install Hot End Kit for Your Printer

When filament leak happens, let’s go below procedures to reinstall hot end kit properly for your Anet ET4 3D printer or some other models of desktop FDM 3D printer with similar designs.

Step 1
Preheat the nozzle and then power off the printer.

Step 2
Quick remove filament residue from the heat block while it’s still hot (hot filament is soft and easy to remove).

  1. Be careful with the hot parts to prevent hand burns while doing this.
  2. Must do to prevent wrench from sliding over the screws while unscrew them.

Step 3
Take out the hot end kit from the printer.

hot end of 3D printer extruder kit

Step 4

Disassemble the hot end kit with screw drivers.

3d printer heat break & nozzle & heat block

Hot end includes nozzle, heat break (throat) and heat block.

Step 5

Insert the heat break (hot end throat) into the heat block and screw it thoroughly tight into the block.

3d printer extruder kit heat break installation

Step 6

Install the nozzle back into the heat block and tighten it with a wrench.

3d printer nozzle installation

Step 7

Reinstall the whole heat assembly back onto the extruder kit.

hot end assembly guide for anet 3d printer

That’s all the procedures for properly reinstall hot end assembly when hot end filament leak happens on Anet ET4, ET5 or any other type of desktop FDM 3D printers. The most crucial thing is to reinstall the heat break (or hot end throat) first, and make sure it’s thoroughly inserted into the heat block and there is no gap left between the throat and the heat block.

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